Friday, June 10, 2011


It was sure a wet and wild day! My good friend Brooke and I took the bus down to Camden Town in the rain, where canopies were set up selling souvenirs and delicious food. Fruits and veggies laid outside with splashes of water from the pouring rain making it look more delicious than ever. There were mini shops that carried goodies and I could not help but be fascinated by these independent designers and their ability to create such beautiful jewelry and clothes. Everything was handmade including rings, cuffs, pendants, t-shirts, etc. After a quick browse, our noses followed the smell of the spices of a nearby Chinese cuisine stand which hit the spot. Camden was amazing. Regardless of the shower and our socks drenched in water, we manage to have the time of our lives! 

(English word of the day) Notes; meaning Dollar bills

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  1. Love camden! I hated it the first time I went, such a weird place but now I cant get enough of it, especially the vintage market :) x